Prayer: Divine Strategies

“Dear Lord, Thank You for establishing Your covenant with us.  We honor You for reminding us to remember that it is You Who empowers us to gain wealth and that this empowerment is one of Your generational promises to us.  We thank You, Lord, for … Continue reading

Prayer: God’s Favor

“Dear Lord, thank You for Your favor, which is greater than any open door man could ever offer us. We bless You and honor You for Your hand covering us, Your word keeping us, Your heart leading us. There is none above You and we … Continue reading

Prayer: God’s Power

“Dear Lord, we thank You for providing Your word to us as a conduit to Your power. We recognize You as The Omnipotent God and celebrate Your sovereignty.  There is no one more capable than You, no one more able than You, no one as … Continue reading

Prayer: Shepherding Pastors

“Dear Lord, Thank You for giving us pastors who love You genuinely, who want what You desire, who love like You love.  Thank You for equipping them with hearts to serve You through serving Your people.  We honor You, Lord, for every gift that You’ve … Continue reading