Prayer: Teachable Spirit


“Dear Lord, thank You for being the Ultimate Teacher. There is no one wiser than You; there is no one as compassionate as You. We bless You, God, for giving us access to Your divine wisdom. We thank You for giving us Your Holy Spirit to remind us of all that You have said. Thank You, Lord for continuing to impart Your knowledge and understanding. Show us, Lord, how to slow down enough to hear Your voice, how to focus clearly so we can see Your hand, how to recognize Your Spirit at work. We thank You, Lord, for all of the ways that You use to speak to us.  We bless You for every vessel that You have anointed to speak Your word and to declare Your purpose.  We celebrate the power of Your Holy Spirit Who guides us in all things, and reminds us of all that You have spoken. Thank You, Lord, for opening our ears to hear with clarity and our hearts to receive with understanding. We bless You, God, for the gift of Your Holy Spirit, Who You have given to us according to Your word in John 14:26.  We honor You, God, for every teachable moment; we bless You for every teaching vessel; we praise You for every lesson taught.  We magnify and glorify You, Lord God, in Jesus’ Name as we pray, Amen!”

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