Hurting Wounds Can Become Helping Scars!

Embrace The Power of Your ScarsEvery hurt we suffer has the potential to be healed and then to bring healing.  When we are wounded, our vulnerable areas are usually easily identified by determining the location of our pain.  Under most circumstances, wounds hurt and the pain can range anywhere from somewhat uncomfortable to totally unbearable.  The blessing of the healing process is the transformation that occurs when our wounds transition into scars.  We suddenly realize that the pain has receded and ultimately vanished, and we are left with only a visible reminder that we were hurt: We have a SCAR.

Our scars are testaments of survived hurts that serve as reminders of what has happened to us.  When healing is complete, seeing our scars is not painful; seeing our scars is powerful!  When healing is complete, we can celebrate every wound, rejoice through the healing process, joyfully proclaim that what happened to us did not destroy us and position ourselves to walk in our divine purpose.  When healing is complete, we can readily identify those who are suffering from similar wounds and encourage them through the healing process as a living example of God’s delivering power.

Jesus was definitely wounded.  His pain had to have been excruciating:  He was beaten with a cat o’nine tails; He was stripped of His garments; He was ridiculed, insulted, and spit on; He was nailed in His hands and feet; He was pierced in His side; He was pricked by a crown of thorns; He was abandoned by those closest to Him.  We have the gift of salvation today because He was able to say, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” and allow His wounds to transition into scars.  It was seeing His scarred hands and side that confirmed His resurrection for Timothy.  Those same scars remind us that we are redeemed and remind the enemy that he is totally defeated.

Just as Jesus’ scars help mankind, yours can too!  Someone needs to know that you survived your hurts so they can be encouraged to endure through their healing processes and survive theirs.  Someone needs to know that they can make it because they see the evidence that you made it… They see Your Scars!  #EmbraceThePowerOfYourScars

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