Embrace The Power Of Your Scars!!!

I’ve been reflecting on this week’s message, “Total Recall” – Lamentations 3:18-23, and am really excited about the #PowerOfMyScars.  We usually tend to see our scars as indictments of rejection; but seen from the right perspective, they serve as powerful testimonies

  1. Something that was intended to deter me, something that was set against me to stop me, something that had an agenda to destroy me was not successful. “No Weapon…” Isaiah 54:17 #CantTouchThis
  2. My Purpose Prevails: God’s plan for me will always supersede my enemies’ plots against me. “I know the plans…” Jeremiah 29:11 #PurposeDriven
  3. What I’ve lived through confirms God’s Power and affirms others’ possibilities. “Through the Lord’s mercies…” Lamentations 3:22 #ImStillHere
Hope Changes Everything

Total Recall: Remember God’s Truth In The Midst of All Tests

Know that a greater number of scars indicates a higher level of threat… The enemy is intimidated by you!  Don’t allow the number or the places of attack to discourage you; Hope through Total Recall and know that God is working EVERYTHING for your good!  Your scars are just the proof of the power of your purpose!  Embrace the Power of Your Scars!!!

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