Do You Know What I Love About God? (Part 2)

Lady Angelia Writes…  I was thinking about Job and what I’d written about his life in JobTitle Worshiper: Understanding The Position Of Worship Leader.

“Job worshiped God – the Bible says he loved God and hated evil, he deplored it. The Bible tells us that Job got up every morning and sacrificed to God because his children MAY Have sinned the night before.  We find Job in a place with God where he is worshiping, but it is not because his love for God is facilitating relationship with God, but it is because his fear for his children’s behavior is instigating a ritual with God.  Job was not worshiping God out of relationship; he was worshiping God out of ritual.”  SELAH

Are you building and maintaining a Relationship WITH GOD, or are you just meeting Him through a ritual?


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