Positioned For Purpose!

Quote from Operating In The Light: The Power Of The Process Preceding The Performance Of Purpose”!

Being positioned but unproductive is probably the most difficult
of obscurity seasons to live through. Having the authority
and desire but not the means to fulfill your role is frustrating
at best. The key thing to note in the account of Hannah is that
although she was not producing, she did not allow her lack
of production to keep her from worship.”

Obscurity is a season that each of us must live through if we are to properly develop into what God has called us to be. Like Hannah, we may find ourselves in the place of purpose, but not yet fulfilling the mandates of purpose. Being in the opposing place, as was Peninah, is just as frustrating – being productive, but not having the position.  These two women give us an unimpeded view into the struggles of ‘Purpose in Time’. On the one hand, we have Hannah: The Unproductive Woman with Position, while on the other hand we have  Peninah: The Unpositioned Woman with Productivity.  Although both women were in places of blessing, there were both experiencing a dimensional lack. It is interesting that both women had negative reactions to their plights, but their negativity differed in direction: Peninah’s negativity was directed outward towards Hannah, while Hannah’s negativity was directed inward towards herself.

How often do we find ourselves being battered externally while at the same time we beat ourselves internally? Hannah experienced this dual battle never realizing that the external battle that had been launched out of Peninah’s jealousy was trying to find mutual agreement with Hannah’s very personal, internal battle.  The success of that goal would have resulted in Hannah giving in to defeat and giving up her position.  If we, like Peninah, take a very close look at Hannah, we’ll recognize that her positioning was a precursor to the productivity that was divinely scheduled for her.  Giving up her position would have caused her to forfeit her productivity before it could manifest.  When we are tired and impatient, the enemy knows what we don’t seem to know – Our divinely ordained purpose will manifest; it’s just a matter of TIME!

In time, Hannah’s Position was repeatedly affirmed – her husband continually gave her a double portion.  In time, Hannah’s Productivity was constantly attacked – her adversary continually provoked her.  In time, Hannah’s Praise was completely perfected – she consistently worshipped until change fully manifested.  It was in worship that Position and Productivity connected In Time!  This truth is based on God’s immutability. What our current state says is irrelevant; what our current situation looks like is irrelevant; what our current circumstance feels like is irrelevant – God positions us for His purpose and in His time we shall produce what He has proclaimed! It is our patient and consistent worship that allows us to keep focused on what He said in spite of what we see!

Frustration is birthed out of impatience and unbelief. Don’t allow the enemy to provoke you out of focus and prevent you from keeping the faith. God has a plan for you and He has Positioned YOU For Purpose!

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