Prayer: Fortified Focus

focus red word and conceptual target with arrow reflect on white background

“Dear Lord, thank You for opening the lines of communication between us and desiring to have an intimate and personal relationship with us.  We are grateful, Lord, for every opportunity to spend time with You and learn of You.  Lord God, we recognize You as the Sovereign Lord and we ask that You empower us with clarity so that we will know Your voice when You speak and with willing hearts consistently seek You.  We understand, Lord, that Your Kingdom operates very differently from the kingdoms of this world and what may naturally feel right to us is usually outside of Your purpose and contrary to Your character. Lord, we honor Christ as The Way, The Truth and The Life – We yield to Him and accept His gift of righteousness.  Gracious Lord, we are so thankful for Your hand of provision. Thank You, Lord, for adding to us, increasing us, multiplying us, accelerating us! We celebrate You as our greatest blessing, Lord; We understand that according to Your word in Matthew 6:33, when we intentionally and purposefully seek after You, You lovingly add all things to us.  Lord God, help us to dismiss all distractions.  Thank You, Lord, for fortifying our focus to keep the first thing first.  In Jesus’ Name, we bless You as we pray, Amen!”

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