Lady AJP Comments on 2 Corinthians 4:1

V5 2 Cor 4 1


Although each of our callings are uniquely different and intentionally purpose-specific (based on God’s purpose and ultimately designed for His glory) they share 2 consistent commonalities: Our ministries are gifts given to us from the Spirit of God; God has empowered us to endure all things as we obediently serve through our giftings.

Our talents, knowledge, skills and abilities are all God-given gifts that we received for the distinct purpose of re-gifting them to others.  When we re-gift our giftings, God is glorified, Kingdom is magnified, and man is edified.  It is when we re-gift our giftings that ministry is fully accomplished.  As God graciously releases His anointing, pouring into us a measure of His divinity, we are continuously challenged to freely release that anointing at every opportunity that He presents to us.  God has given each one of us our giftings and, in doing so, has entrusted us with ministry.

God will never give us the ‘ability to do’ without also giving us the ‘capacity to do’. Each Gifting has an assignment, and each of us, as ‘Gifters‘, has been empowered to fulfill every assignment.  There is power to endure everything that we encounter while executing ‘The Re-Gifting’ mandate and the stamina to press continually forward comes by way of the Holy Spirit.  The steadfastness to remain committed comes through the Holy Spirit.  Because we recognize God’s power in us as a gift, we have a joy to re-gift time after time – we do not lose heart!

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