“If Only For Love” by Author Benita Baker Newman

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AUTHOR BENITA BAKER NEWMAN, our featured Christian Living Author for October 2018, has authored 1 published work and resides in Columbia, SC.

Book Synopsis

When you’re young and in love, you think the world is your oyster. High school sweethearts, Vida and Sintelle are no different. They feel nothing can come between them and their love which has been bonded by strength, trust, and affection. Sintelle struggles with the divorce of his parents which causes him to question his own identity and character. He loves and is very protective of Vida, who has her own fair share of issues. These two look to each other for support and stability. Can their love survive when fate takes a turn and causes them to really question their love and devotion for one another? Set in Athens, Georgia, during the late seventies; Vida and Sintelle are confronted with a challenge and decision that can either better their relationship or destroy them… and if they survive, it’ll be only for love…

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